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The Intersection of Law and Politics: How Lawyers Shape Policy

December 14th, 2023

Lawyers play a crucial role in shaping policy at the intersection of law and politics. Their expertise and influence are evident in various aspects of policy development and implementation.

Intersectionality and Legal Discussions

The term “intersectionality” has significantly influenced legal discussions and policy shaping, particularly in the context of racial justice and identity politics .
Lawyers Shaping Policy

Lawyers work at the intersection of policy, government, and politics, shaping significant policy, regulatory, and political outcomes .
They contribute to the shaping of legislation, policy, and government decisions .
Critical Race Theory and Policy

Critical Race Theory (CRT) emphasizes the role of the law in perpetuating racial inequality and calls for action by civil rights lawyers to challenge the status quo and upend racial inequality .
Influence on Civic Leaders

Lawyers also contribute intellectual capital to state and local government, aiming to shape future civic leaders and influence policy .
Understanding the Nuanced Intersection

Lawyers like Erica Garrison appreciate the nuanced intersection of law, politics, and policy, which informs their approach to shaping policy .